How To Stop Charter Junk Mail

Charter Communications is a national communications company that offers phone, Internet and cable television services to homes and businesses. Companies such as Charter may send out mass mailings to individuals who may or may not be current customers in order to promote their services and deals. While some may find these mailings useful, others may find them to be “junk mail.” You can request that Charter stop sending mailings to your home or business. In addition, you may see a reduction in overall junk mail if you opt out of direct marketing.

Contact Charter Communications directly and request that they stop sending mailings to your address. Provide your name and mailing address.

Add your name to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) opt out list which will eliminate Charter mail as well as other junk mail.

Click on “Get Started” and include your name, address and contact information and click on “Submit.” If presented with options, select “Remove name from mailing lists” or “Opt out of mailings.”

Contact the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to file a formal complaint against Charter Communications if you continue to receive junk mail from them after 90 days of requesting that they stop sending out junk mail.

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